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Liverpool takeover: fans' reaction

Startbeitrag von Anfield73 am 07.02.2007 07:38

I'm happy with the takeover, although a bit wary, as I guess all fans probably are at first. I think we needed the investment to keep up with the spending of Chelsea and Manchester United in particular.

Retaining Moores and Parry's involvement was a very important step in reassuring fans that they are keen to retain our principles and history.

This is a much better deal than the DIC deal. Liverpool have made a wise choice. It is a shame that clubs have to sell out to investors, but the big clubs have to move with the times.

Congratulations to Liverpool on "selling their soul" to the Yanks, just like Manchester United did.

Congratulations on your first step to buying the title.

Story from BBC SPORT:

Published: 2007/02/06 16:27:20 GMT


This is surely the news every Liverpool supporter wants to hear and it looks like finally, Liverpool FC may be starting the journey back to the top of English football.

I don't think that suddenly having a cash injection will help you.

I've just listened to George Gillett and Tom Hicks at the press conference, and I clearly believe that these are the men to take Liverpool forward!

I have to say that I am a bit worried now the club is out of Moores's hands.
The True Lord

I remember Liverpool teams that won matches with skill, determination, flair and imagination. Now all they have to do is sign cheques. I know which gives me more pleasure, the question is do you?

I hate the fact we are in the hands of Americans. It feels soulless to me.

I would prefer not to have to invest to get results, but until the powers that be, Fifa, Uefa, the FA and the Premier League allow this constant ever increasing spending on players and wages, then LFC have to roll with it.
Rafa's Red Euro Army

All this will mean is that the Premiership will have the majority of the world's football talent on display and will dominate European competitions but other than that it won't alter a lot as everyone will have upped their financial clout.

Being some of the most passionate fans in world with their pride and heritage, they would have been some of the harshest critics when Chelsea seemingly paid for their first Premiership title.

However, I am yet to hear too much of a negative reaction to the latest buy-out bid when surely they are doing the same.

I have warmed to the Americans and am confident Parry and Moores know what they're doing, so I trust there decision.
Monte til' i die

As a Manchester United fan, the announcement of LFC being bought out today by Gillett and Hicks has sent shivers down my spine.

I think that they will land the title within three years solely because of this takeover.
Stretford Bob

My only concern is whether these investors are in it for the long term or short term.

I think this deal became more palatable to the Livepool board once Hicks became involved.

Sometimes change is good and Liverpool are in dire need of success. Who cares about the business changes as long as we get a new stadium, some world class talent and a league title.

I don't know if this deal will come back to haunt us some day.
Eggnog biscuitson


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