Parry to pocket £500,000 bonus

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hier liest es sich doch wesentlich glaubhafter und vernünftiger.
in anderen zeitungen war nämlich zu lesen das Rick die
Übernahme nur empfehlen wollte wenn er 500 000 Pfund bekäme
und die zeitungen vermuteten hinter dem Bonus eine inoffizielle Bestechung.

Rick Parry, the Liverpool chief executive, secured a £500,000 bonus just a day before recommending a takeover of the club.

The bonus - which is on top of a £388,500 annual salary - was agreed ahead of a board meeting called to approve the £470 million takeover by American sports tycoons George Gillett and Tom Hicks. The bonus will be paid only if the deal is completed.

According to an offer document sent to shareholders yesterday, the board agreed to pay Parry "a discretionary ex-gratia bonus of £500,000. . . in recognition of his additional responsibilities. . . particularly concerning Liverpool's search for suitable investors, and his enormous contribution and great commitment to Liverpool".

The deal with Hicks and Gillett ended a three-year search by Liverpool for a buyer.
The American pair beat rival bidder Dubai International Capital to secure the board's recommendation. The Dubai consortium had been on the brink of a deal with the club, and later accused Liverpool of stalling in favour of Gillett.

The deal with Gillett and Hicks, who now control 62 per cent of the company, is almost certain to complete.

Parry is expected to remain on the board after the takeover, with Gillett's son Foster, 31, moving to Merseyside to oversee the day-to-day running of the club.

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