Liverpool star's payslip on web

Startbeitrag von Oliver Kahles am 31.10.2007 16:09

An inquiry has been launched by Liverpool Football Club after a top player's payslip, detailing a £139,634 monthly wage - was put on the internet.

Liverpool FC are looking at how John Arne Riise's pay document, which reveals the Norwegian's net pay and home address got into the wrong hands.

It also shows his national insurance number and appearance bonuses.

A spokesman for the club, said: "We are taking the matter extremely seriously and we are investigating."The payslip which appeared on a series of football fans' forums, shows he was paid £4,000 in appearance bonuses - but also had to make deductions to pay for a student loan.

A club insider said: "It must have been stolen but the player simply doesn't know how it has happened.

"I can assure you that John Arne Riise is not in the habit of throwing payslips out, it's clearly been stolen and taken without his permission."

The Kop ace also landed a Champions League salary increase of £15,384.

His take home pay was £82,413 and his monthly tax payment £55,508, while £65 was deducted for meals.

Several Liverpool players' homes have been broken into during the last 18 months but Mr Riise's home has not been burgled.


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