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Reds fans plan AFC Liverpool

Startbeitrag von Stevie G am 25.02.2008 12:55

Feb 25 2008 by Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo

A GROUP of Reds’ fans today unveiled an ambitious plan to set up a new amateur Liverpool Football Club.
If successful, AFC Liverpool would be run as an Industrial & Provident Society, a business benefiting the community.
Proposals are at a very early stage and the 10-strong group of fans behind the scheme insist the club will not be an alternative to Liverpool FC.
The project, among the first of its kind in the UK, could work in a similar fashion to the recent United FC and Wimbledon AFC break-outs.
The team would apply to join the North West Counties League and set up trials to recruit players.
Organisers have yet to decide on a home ground although they want to remain within the city boundaries.
A ground share arrangement with a current Merseyside non-league side could be a temporary solution until a permanent home is found.
The 10-man planning committee is made up of Liverpool FC fans and includes an accountant and a lawyer.
The group said initial finance to pay for administration and early running costs may have to come from a form of subscription or membership.
AFC Liverpool has entered into dialogue with Supporters Direct, which gives advice and information to football fans, and has backed the idea.
Their website has only been up and running for a matter of days and has already received 200 e-mails.
Lifelong Red Alun Parry, 37, from Wavertree, is the man leading the scheme.
He said the proposal comes in response to the money and corporate drive “ruining the game”.
The musician and Kop season ticket holder told the ECHO: “We are flying this kite and seeing if people are interested.
The game has now changed. The grassroots element has disappeared and fans are being priced out of matches at Anfield.
“The Game 39 debate recently demonstrated how football is not interested in the fans and this has been a factor in AFC Liverpool concept. We would charge £5 entrance fees. We would not need a sugar daddy. The club would be owned and run by the fans who would have a vote.
“This is not in opposition to Liverpool FC. We would want to draw our support from Liverpool fans.
“We would expect that AFC Liverpool fans will still support Liverpool and still go to Anfield to support the Reds.”
To visit the website and register interest go to afcliverpool


Halte davon gar nix........ich supporte einen Club und der heisst Liverpool FC.

Wenn jemand für sich entscheidet das er die Schnauze voll hat und es einfach zuweit gegangen ist (Ticket Preise, Investoren etc.) warum dann nicht zu einem bestehenden local Club gehn!? Marine FC etc. Die haben Support und Einnahmen dringend notwendig.

von SpionKop - am 26.02.2008 12:48
Wo SpionKop Recht hat hat er recht. Zwar werden Fussball Spiele Fanartikel immer mehr zu Luxusgütern aber mein Herz bleibt auf einem Fleck und wandelt nicht über auf eine günstigere Variante.

Ich bin ja jetzt auch keiner der 5-6 nach Liverpool fahren kann und sich spiele anschauen kann, aber den Ersatz hole ich mir zb bei Sportfreunde Siegen oder auch anderen Spielen. Wie zb Gladbach gegen Freiburg im Mai :)

von German_Dudek - am 26.02.2008 13:38
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