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Western Europe TV transmitter information?

Startbeitrag von Paul@ukdx am 05.06.2012 10:01

Can anyone point me to a site or sites that detail main station or high power transmitters in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium? I'm thinking about setting up a remote control UHF DXTV station using a Slingbox but I'd like some idea of what's available before I go to all the trouble! Something that lists everything on as few pages as possible would be ideal, all I need is location, channel, polarity and power like the old WRTH listings.

Thanks :spos:


Look here: http://www.fmscan.org/net1.php?m=m

The richest choice with only one box you will have in and araound Aachen: All important German programmes, and also the free available Dutch and Belgian (dutch and french language) programmes.

von Bolivar diGriz - am 05.06.2012 11:39
Hi Paul,

Maybe this is useable ?



von John -HOL - am 05.06.2012 13:46
Thanks guys, @Exidor I could only see FM radio stations on your link? Looks like if I do it then I'll miss out on Dutch TV as I can only put up one yagi which will be horizontal, pity.

von Paul@ukdx - am 05.06.2012 18:52
This is all you want to know Paul for the Netherlands:


Including Site Pictures :cheers:

von Jassy - am 05.06.2012 20:39
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