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DX 20-04-2013 - dx troposcatters please identify radio.

Startbeitrag von zvartoshu am 20.04.2013 11:04

At last minutes ago i detect a unid language on 89,2. Please help me what radio is for identifcation traiectory. Thank you
video recorded is http://youtu.be/KORFPw8ABDY


Re: DX 20-04-2013 - troposcatters on south romania

In peripherical bucharest zone detect 89,2 yablanitsa horizont radio. Not detect scatters.
Many thans when idientify what state or language is in my movie.

von zvartoshu - am 20.04.2013 12:55
First i thought it could be english, but then i noticed that the Intonation is similar to turkish. So it might be: 89.2 s TUR ALEM FM Alem FM Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) 20 450km 146°

say austria dx-er
Tringer László say : For me it's greek.

Tringer László Last year I received "ERA NET" on this frequency with almost local signal! (together with Hit Radio Ultra on 88.4)

von zvartoshu - am 20.04.2013 14:03
I denoised this audio and add AGC for 89,2mhz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASGp2YxHo3Q&feature=youtu.be
maybe have ideea about language - is greek or slavonic?

von zvartoshu - am 20.04.2013 21:20
Hallo Zvartoshu ! Now the Sound is much better ! I think it is not greek. But it is likely to be 89.2 v BUL BNR Horizont from Yablanitsa/RRTS Yablanitsa (lov) 1 226km 227° with the Programme Dekonstrukcjia from 12.15 - 13.00 hours bulgarian time.

Austria dxer say

It sounds more like Slavonic language, i can`t understand the language to be completely sure..

Score is - 2 greek say - 2 slavonic - 1 turk

von zvartoshu - am 21.04.2013 10:29
Maybe someone who speaks the language will hear the Clip and tells you, then you could be sure. Good luck !!

Austria dxer say,
I send to bulgarian dxers this movie with AGC and this say in romanian a response

Miroslav Nedev: Nu pot sa zic frate - nu se intelege ce limba e
i dont understand laguage!

Momchil Zdravkov I am partly sure it is HORIZONT YABLANITSA 89.2 MHZ 0700 17144

von zvartoshu - am 21.04.2013 16:12
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