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DX: 27.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Startbeitrag von Paul@ukdx am 27.05.2013 15:14

1510UTC. R1 has M1 Hungary and R2 with RTL Klub, both signals very unstable and smeary. I'm also hearing a carrier level signal from Kenya on E2.

Edit to add an image, or two.



von DX-Matze - am 27.05.2013 18:09
wtf...that's what you call a bad signal quality??

these shots are BRILLIANT :spos:
especially cause it's some kinda short skip ..1000 k or sth. ? I dunno...

von - - am 27.05.2013 18:23
Great Paul!!! :spos:

von UlliBG - am 27.05.2013 18:34
I should of updated the text when I added the photos, the opening started with very unstable signals ranging from S9+ to S3 in a second or two and video was really smeary with multiple reflections. I tried grabbing some stills but the quality was so bad they weren't worth posting. Of course, after I posted here the signals improved and really cleaned up hence the slightly better quality :D

Strange opening really as it didn't really move at all, I was monitoring 6m and the same area was heard all the time from start to finish. It's hard to tell on TV these days with so few countries left on air :(

Does anyone know if DXmaps.com has cut the link to FMlist, I looked at the map earlier and it was blank but FMlist had plenty of logs on it.

von Paul@ukdx - am 27.05.2013 18:53
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