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DX: 28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Startbeitrag von ukwfreak am 28.05.2013 09:59

Hier ist seit 11.45. 1BT auf R1 zu sehen:cheers:


Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)


von DX-Matze - am 28.05.2013 10:13

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)


Hier auf

R1 - 1+1 / Simferopol stark

R2 - M1 - Balti - MDA


R2 - Novy Kanal - Ivano Frankivsk - weak big H in circle at upper right corner.


von John -HOL - am 28.05.2013 10:43

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

R1 1+1 Lviv and UNID 49.750.017, very high H frequency and noisy sidebands! (2 Plus?)
R2 UT1 Kiev.

von Paul@ukdx - am 28.05.2013 11:09

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Another siting of Stolicnoe TV on R1, and just after it a brief glimpse of RTR from Glubokoye on almost the same frequency. Now have the news on Belarus from Minsk.

What is the unstable carrier centred around 49.740 but very wide?

von Paul@ukdx - am 28.05.2013 12:05

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Hier habe ich zwei video's von Inter TV mit farben, heute rond 14.30 empfangen.



73 Bert jan

von PA1BJ -JO22 - am 28.05.2013 13:37

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

sehr schoene Ergebnisse habt ihr da:spos:

von - - am 28.05.2013 14:35

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)


R1 - 1TV / Moscow strong !

discussion px


von John -HOL - am 28.05.2013 16:38

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Same channel here John but from St Petersburg, I can just about hear Moscow carrier. Hugh is also reporting Moscow down in Portugal. I've also got RTR Proletary on R2.

von Paul@ukdx - am 28.05.2013 16:59

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Momentan überlagern sich die die Sender auf R1 bei mir.

Kann jemand diesen Sender identifizieren ?

Auf jeden Fall Russland, sehe gerade Medwedew

von DX-Timo - am 28.05.2013 17:22

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Ok, es ist Russia 1. Oben rechts ist schwach die graue 1 zu sehen.

Hier noch ein schöneres Bild:

Empfangen mit SDR-Stick (R820T Tuner) und 2,5 MHz Bandbreite

von DX-Timo - am 28.05.2013 17:28

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

RTR on R2 @ 1738UTC.

von Paul@ukdx - am 28.05.2013 17:40

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

M1 - Balti / MDA on R2 1830 utc


von John -HOL - am 28.05.2013 18:33

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

@John If you can measure carriers do you have a pulsing signal on 49.7396, video has a very low H frequency that I can't stop scrolling on my card? Too weak to ID properly but am getting video from it.

von Paul@ukdx - am 28.05.2013 18:50

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Hi Paul,

Yes I have IHTEP - or had - the signal is decreasing now.

Please note that Simferopol is H and Buky is V.
Maybe this caused the NOT stop scrolling on your TV card ?


von John -HOL - am 28.05.2013 19:06

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

glückwunsch zum Moldau-Empfang!

von - - am 28.05.2013 19:34

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

@John, thanks for that screengrab, complete with a small burst of Lviv too, it's pretty much what I was seeing yesterday too.

Had my first Transatlantic opening last night, a very brief opening to Grand Falls, Newfoundland on A4 0 offset. Carrier was in for about 20 minutes, weakest of video was seen for about 2 seconds, a glimpse of a man then a doorway! Very very weak audio could be heard in 5K FM on 71MHz. For what it's worth I've uploaded what I saw although Youtube has done its worst to it.

von Paul@ukdx - am 29.05.2013 10:42

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Excellent catches, Paul ! Congratulation !! :cheers:

Log summary:

Channel V MHz System UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks Offset/Exact km Color Audio

R1 49.75 D 1753 RUS 1TV, Moskva/Ostankino (MOW) adv. 1988 km
R1 49.75 D 1757 UKR Pershiy Natsional'niy/Telek. ERA gr./big Logo 1613 km

von Mathias Volta - am 29.05.2013 11:36

Re: DX:28.05.2013 - Sporadic-E (TV)

I was all day on service, but at 1900 UTC i arrived from work and my brother reported me about the good opening and 1TV on R1 wsa still and good visible.

von DX-Matze - am 29.05.2013 16:44
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