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Hugh, Ruud

DX 12.07.13 Tropo (TV)

Startbeitrag von Hugh am 13.07.2013 08:25


Cape Verde on Ch E5 was being received in S Portugal last night via tropo.

There was a lot of interference from Morocco on a nearby freqeuency.

Distance is 2700-2800KM

Good DX.



Hi Hugh,

Great catch; but the quality of the vision doesn't match with tropo.

It looks more like TEP or TA.


von Ruud - am 13.07.2013 14:45
Hi Ruud,

I had to use very narrow bandwidth to try and reduce the huge colour subcarrier from Morocco Ch M5 centred only 500KHz above the Cape Verde vision carrier on 175.25 which was spreading/patterning very badly.

Then used noise reduction as the signal was very weak anyway.

When there's the slightest lift the Moroccan analogue stations are very strong here.

Good DX


von Hugh - am 13.07.2013 16:08
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