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DX: 04.08.2013 Sporadic E (TV)

Startbeitrag von _Yoshi_ am 04.08.2013 06:47

Jetzt in diesen Moment auf R1 1TV und auf R2 ein Unid mit Nachrichten / Doku.
Beide mit zeitweiligen Ton und leichtes Fading.


Hier auf R1 Telekanal Inter mit einer Reisedokumentation, Ton ist da, Farbe fehlt noch. Kaum Einbrüche.

von DX-Matze - am 04.08.2013 07:08
Situation derzeit:

R1 => Inter
R2 => Inter
R2 => UT-1

von DX-Matze - am 04.08.2013 07:36
Und hier gab es:

R1 = 1TV - Moscow
R2 = RTR - Novgorod

ab 1030

R1 = 2 Plus - Cahul
CCI von 1 + 1 - Lviv

unid carrier 49.757.146

Edit: 11.04 R1 = EKTA - Kyiv / unstable


von John -HOL - am 04.08.2013 08:52
War bis eben portabel.
Auf R1 war 2Plus zu sehen, kurze Zeit später 1TV zeitweise in Farbe.
Auf R2 war erst 1TV später UT1 zu sehen.

von UlliBG - am 04.08.2013 09:14

R1 = INTER / Simferopol

movie with subtitles


von John -HOL - am 04.08.2013 09:23
In diesen Moment auf R1 1+1 mit einer Kochsendung.

von _Yoshi_ - am 04.08.2013 09:35

R1 = 1 + 1 / Lviv

cooking px


von John -HOL - am 04.08.2013 09:38
Da hatten wir wohl den gleichen Empfang. :cheers:

von _Yoshi_ - am 04.08.2013 09:53

R2 = Novyy Kanal - Ivano Frankvisk weak

logo H in circle top right

pushed away by

M1 - Balti


von John -HOL - am 04.08.2013 09:53
I had good and very strong Inter Simferopol on R1, sometimes 1TV Sotchi, then 1TV Moscow, later replaced by Belarus-1 with weak audio but nice SECAM-Fire! :) On R2 i saw later after my second post here 2 Plus pretty strong fighting with Inter and Prime, later also Moldova-1 Balti. A short time i observed video carrier from R3 Straseni but didn't reach video level. OIRT was also very well.

von DX-Matze - am 04.08.2013 10:23
Band been open for a couple of hours here, the usual UKR, BLR and HNG on R1 and R2 but now 1055UTC Jordan is strong on E3. Also lots of Italian STLs.

von Paul@ukdx - am 04.08.2013 11:00

Well done..... and lot of success with the STL's
hope there will be some new ones to log.

Band 1 dead here atm + very unstable Band 2 signals from ITA and ALG.


von John -HOL - am 04.08.2013 11:14
Thanks John, I'm always envious of your Inter reception, both R1 and R2 are at the 'wrong' distance for me and have never been very strong, I'm lucky if I see it float under another signal usually.

Do you know an approximate offset or frequency for Novyy Kanal on R2. My log shows I had it some years ago but my offset list doesn't list it, I've had a couple of UNIDs this year that may be it including one around 59.244 but they've never been strong enough to ID.

Was a pretty good opening to Italy and the STLs, most were around the middle part and Rome which makes a change from the south coast. Logged a new one on 53.20MHz from Radio R9 in Ancona. Also heard a couple of Spanish ones which I'm hoping to ID plus Radio País from the south of France on 44.9MHz.

von Paul@ukdx - am 04.08.2013 15:22
One clip from that day, Inter with usual good reception, at the end overtaken by 1TV:

von DX-Matze - am 19.08.2013 19:12
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