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Band 2 Log - East Sussex Coast 19 September, 2013

Startbeitrag von MikeF am 20.09.2013 04:55

Mode Date UTC Frequency ITU Service Location Region Distance (km) Details RDS PI/PS
MS 19.09.13 1059 87.60 ALG Radio Laghouat Aflou 3 1863 Traditional Music//Web

Tropo 19.09.13 1402 103.40 F France Info Lyon/Mont Pilat 42 693 OM Talks//105.5. Weak
Tropo 19.09.13 1443 106.70 D WDR Eins Live Langenberg/Hordtberg nrw 504 Jingle ID/Music

** denotes new logging (via this propagation mode)
!! denotes YouTube video available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg

Mike Fallon
East Sussex
N50°48' W0°1'

Kenwood KT-6050 (80/110 kHz Murata filters) * Kenwood KT-6040 (80/110/150 kHz Murata filters) * Sony ST-SB920 (80/150 kHz Murata filters)
* Sony XDR-F1HD (PC controlled via Seeeduino board & XDR-GTK software)

P.Körner design 15.11 Yagi (horizontal) at 7.5m agl/90m asl ( http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/15_11%20yagi.htm)
*RDS Spy v1.02 software via interface * RDS Spy v1.01 software via soundcard * RDSS v0400 software

For Low VHF/Band 1 monitoring: FunCube Pro+ Dongle * Newsky DVB_T USB RTL2832U/R280T SDR / SDR# Software * Icom R7000 * Icom PCR1000 * Spectrum Lab software * HS D100
* LifeView FlyVideo2000 (SAA1734) TV Card * T2FD antenna * Band 1/OIRT Dipole
Propagation Maps and TX sites logged for the Month maps at
Propagation maps produced by FMLIST http://www.fmlist.org/ul_login.php?sprache=en
All-time FM log (from 2003) and current month's log at http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/FMLogs/FMLogs_index.htm
All-time Meteor Scatter Log map at http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/MSMap.htm

North Africa & Middle East FM Database: http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/fm_index.htm

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg


Hey, great!
You received my local transmitter :spos:
This is it, sorry - photo taken by mobile device.

[attachment 2134 IMAG0021.jpg]

langenberg transmission tower

von xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - am 20.09.2013 16:13
Hi, many thanks for the pic of the Langenberg TX. I have heard it many times so it's nice to see where the signal is coming from.


von MikeF - am 21.09.2013 04:47
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