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Tropo recordings 21st-24th September 2013

Startbeitrag von Nick_G am 29.09.2013 22:02

Well, here are the highlights of this incredible spell of tropo that is up there in my estimation with the November 1987 event for intensity and quality. A superb opening that covered most of southern Germany as well as parts of Switzerland and Austria. Some rare sites such as Hochries were in with a good signal for much of the Monday evening (23rd). I have also included a later recording of Untersberg on 87.8.

This is definitely the best Bavarian opening I have experienced here. I have put the clips in a folder called 'September 2013 Tropo' rather than posting them individually. It can be accessed here:


What an amazing event, the likes of which we might not see again for a long time.


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