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DX: 22.10.2013 - TEP (TV)

Startbeitrag von Hugh am 22.10.2013 18:01


Received in S Portugal around 1635 utc today on Ch A2 with a watery sounding video carrier,zero offset.

The MUF was not high enough for the audio channel.


(The video embedding facility here is not working now for some reason)

If you check the live stream from TV Cultura Brazil around 1630 utc it's usually on the "Sem Censura"
discussion programme.

Good DX



Re: DX 22 10 13 TEP TV

Congratulation, Hugh ! :cheers:

von Mathias Volta - am 22.10.2013 19:22

Re: DX 22 10 13 TEP TV

Thanks :spos:

I don't know why the embedding doesn't work now,when I paste the code from youtube the text makes
the right "space" for it but there is no video.

The embedding is 'on' in the youtube video preferences !


von Hugh - am 22.10.2013 20:03

Re: DX 22 10 13 TEP TV

Embedding made already problems in summertime during sporadic-e. I will find out, how problem can be solved.

von Mathias Volta - am 22.10.2013 21:01
Hi Hugh,

As far as I found out so far, that problem seems to come from Youtube and not from mysnip-platform, as Youtube change their stettings almost weekly with many renewals.
I will keep on observing that problem, as I'm also intested embedding videos here.

Have a nice Sunday,

von Mathias Volta - am 27.10.2013 06:11
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