DX: 26.10.2014 - Tropo (UKW)

Startbeitrag von MikeF am 27.10.2014 06:58

I'm not sure how long this opening was going on for as I was out for a lot of the day, but on my return home Switzerland was at reasonable level on several frequencies.

Tropo 105.6 2127 D SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz, Donnersberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3nQeMdvmws&list=UUclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg
Tropo 106.2 2130 SUI RSI Rete Uno, Rigi/Kulm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdERjUkItzc&list=UUclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg
Tropo 101.5 2141 SUI Radio SRF 1, Säntis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvAX-9Pqu5I&list=UUclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg

Mode Date UTC Frequency ITU Service Location Region Distance (km) Details RDS PI/PS
!!Tropo 26.10.14 2127 105.60 D SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz Donnersberg rlp 580 Classical MX via StationList (direct)
Tropo 26.10.14 2128 105.60 SUI Radio SRF 3 Säntis ar 788 Music. Mixing with SWR4. Weak via StationList (direct)
!!Tropo 26.10.14 2130 106.20 SUI RSI Rete Uno Rigi/Kulm sz 748 Music//Web. Weak/Fair via StationList (direct)
!!Tropo 26.10.14 2141 101.50 SUI Radio SRF 1 Säntis ar 788 OM/YL Talks via StationList (direct)
Tropo 26.10.14 2153 103.80 SUI Radio SRF 3 Rigi/Kulm sz 748 Music//Web via StationList (direct)
Tropo 26.10.14 2159 90.90 SUI Radio SRF 1 Rigi/Kulm sz 748 Music//Web via StationList (direct)
Tropo 26.10.14 2204 87.90 F France Inter Toulouse/Pic du Midi 65 875 OM Talks via StationList (direct)

** denotes new logging (via this propagation mode)
!! denotes YouTube video available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg

Mike Fallon
East Sussex
N50°48' W0°1'

Kenwood KT-6050 (80/110 kHz Murata filters) * Kenwood KT-6040 (80/110/150 kHz Murata filters) * Sony ST-SB920 (80/150 kHz Murata filters)
* Sony XDR-F1HD (PC controlled via Seeeduino board & XDR-GTK software)

P.Körner designed 19.3 Yagi (horizontal)/K6STI 5 ele vertical yagi on same boom at 11m agl/92m asl ( http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/19_3_yagi.htm ) on a Tennamast 7.6m telescopic/tiltover mast
( http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/Tennamast.htm ) * CCW Multicoupler feeding the 4 tuners * RDS Spy v1.02r6 software via interface * RDS Spy v1.02r6 software via soundcard * RDSS v0400 software

For Low VHF/Band 1 monitoring: FunCube Pro+ Dongle * Newsky DVB_T USB RTL2832U/R280T SDR / SDR# Software * Icom R7000 * Icom PCR1000 * Spectrum Lab software * HS D100
* LifeView FlyVideo2000 (SAA1734) TV Card * T2FD antenna * GP cut for ~30MHz * OIRT/STL's 5 ele Yagi

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