R1 Video Via F2 in Portugal

Startbeitrag von Hugh am 07.12.2014 12:56


For the first time in solar cycle 24 I've received video on R1 via F2...
Video here


Unfortunately,nothing really visible..it was just all mixed up and a mess.The audio is mainly the 49.75 carrier in usb..MUF not high enough for TV audio

Signals atarted around 0940 and finished by 1050 utc...
They were a mix of frequencies,Moscow 49.7474 was certainly there and several around 49.750
and 49.760.4.
At times there were weak carriers on 49.747.78,49.750.34 and 49.7507.

Around 10.00 there was a few minutes of carrier trace on 48.260.33 which is probably from Thailand..


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