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South American TVDX In Portugal 18th 19th March

Startbeitrag von Hugh am 19.03.2015 17:48


Video below of 625 line signal on Ch A2,zero offset last night,around 2100...


I've slowed down the logo/id at 1:30 and it can be seen in original form around 3:15.
I'm fairly certain this was received last year...carrier frequency + - 55.2511 MHz

March 17th was unusual..A pile up of Ch A2 signals happened suddenly around 1730 utc peaking more westerly than usual,shortly afterwards the weak Venezuelan siren carrier on Ch A3 was in for 30 minutes and there were brief bubbly carriers on Ch A4 67.25 MHz,everything had gone by 1900

Ch A2 audio was Spanish & most probably from Venezuela.A 50 MHz radio ham in Puerto Rico
was received well in Iberia at the time.

There was an African FM STL on 58.3 MHz discussing religion in African accented English received at the same time...Due to a PC problem at the time,no recording was

Lets hope for some Good DX in the coming weeks and months from what remains of analogue TV.



Can't wait for main e-season.

Congrats. :cheers:

von DX-Matze - am 19.03.2015 21:16
Thanks :spos:

Brazil last night at 20.30 utc


Video was a mess but audio there.

von Hugh - am 20.03.2015 07:20

von DX-Matze - am 20.03.2015 16:24
Thanks :spos:

Brazil last night at 20.30 utc


Video was a mess but audio there.

Nice Hugh.
Is MUF stuck at A2 or is higher also something going on ?

von Ruud - am 21.03.2015 19:11
Hi Ruud,

In this TEP "mode" the muf usually holds at around 55-60 MHz.After 21.30 utc or so the fluttery(like slow auroral signal) mode kicks in and the MUF can go up towards 70 but nothing is identifiable.


von Hugh - am 22.03.2015 08:33
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