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Paris Tour Eiffel TX

Startbeitrag von MikeF am 27.04.2015 21:01

I recently received an email from Nick Gilly in Hampshire (UK) asking if I'd noticed any enhancement in the Paris-Tour Eiffel frequencies lately.

On checking frequencies it would seem that at least some are now using mixed polarisation. The following frequencies are up to ~40dBf here now using my horizontal beam.


Changing the subject, I receive Automatic Identification System (AIS) here 24x7. It's an automatic tracking system used on ships and has become a very useful propagation aid for me, indicating minute changes in tropospheric conditions in real time. It is used by the DXMaps website too as a propagation aid. Ships transmit data at 12.5 watts in the VHF Marine Band and software displays their position on a chart. During enhanced conditions I have often received the data signals from ships and coast stations on the north coast of Spain.

Mike Fallon


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