DX: 19.08.2017 - Meteor Scatter (UKW)

Startbeitrag von MikeF am 20.08.2017 05:46

Mode Date UTC Frequency ITU Service Location Region Distance (km) Details RDS PI/PS
MS 19.08.17 0054 87.60 MRC SNRT Al Idaâ Al-Watania Khouribga cho 2069 Quranic recitation PI logged: 1201 PS logged: SNRT-NAT
MS 19.08.17 0054 88.70 MRC SNRT Quran Tanger/Cap Spartel ttn 1734 Quranic recitation PI logged: 1204 PS logged: SNRT-COR
MS 19.08.17 0054 90.40 MRC SNRT Al Idaâ Al-Watania El Jadida dka 2072 Quranic recitation PI logged: 1201 PS logged: ????????
MS 19.08.17 0054 91.20 MRC Radio Mars Casablanca/Merchiche gcb 2024 YL talks PI logged: 111C PS logged: MARS____
**MS 19.08.17 1121 88.30 POL Radio ZET Zielona Góra/Jemiolów LU 1070 //89.4 PI logged: 3205 PS logged: RadioZET
**MS 19.08.17 1121 89.40 POL Radio ZET Luban/Nowa Karczma DS 1063 YL talks PI logged: 3205 PS logged: RadioZET

MS 19.08.17 1727 87.80 ALG Chaîne 1 Mecheria 45 1915 OM talks PI logged: 2201 PS logged: CHAINE_1
MS 19.08.17 1727 90.90 ALG Radio Naama Mecheria 45 1915 Music PI logged: 2445 PS logged: NAAMA_FM
MS 19.08.17 1742 87.70 E RAC 1 Barcelona / Collserola CAT-B 1056 YL talks PI logged: E251 PS logged: RAC1____

** denotes new logging (via this propagation mode)
!! denotes YouTube video available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg

Mike Fallon
East Sussex
N50°48' W0°1'

Kenwood KT-6050 (80/110 kHz Murata filters) * Sony ST-SB920 (80/150 kHz Murata filters) * Sony XDR-F1HD (PC controlled via Seeeduino board & XDR-GTK software v.1.0) * Elad FDM-S2 SDR * Airspy R2 SDR

P.Körner designed 19.3-40 Yagi (with improved F/B ratio/horizontal)/K6STI 5 ele vertical yagi on same boom at 11m agl/92m asl (http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/Korner%2019.3-40/Korner_19.3-40_yagi.htm ) on a Tennamast 7.6m telescopic/tiltover mast
( http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/Tennamast.htm ) * TGN ULNA 3018 Mk.IV Band 2 masthead preamp * CCW Multicoupler feeding all tuners * RDS Spy v1.02r6 software via interface * RDS Spy v1.02r6 software via soundcard * RDSS v0400 software

For Low VHF/Band 1 monitoring: Airspy R2 SDR * SDR# Software / SDR Console v3 Software * Icom R7000 * HS D100 * GP cut for ~30MHz * OIRT/STL's 5 ele Yagi

Propagation Maps and TX sites logged for the Month maps at
Propagation maps produced by FMLIST http://www.fmlist.org/ul_login.php?sprache=en
All-time FM log (from 2003) and current month's log at http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/FMLogs/FMLogs_index.htm
All-time Meteor Scatter Log map at http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/MSMap.htm

North Africa FM Database: http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/fm_index.htm

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclhK0FGmlXSMTuogKGBIgg


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