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DX Tour: John Faulkner auf Middleton Top (England) mit einer FM Loop Antenne

Startbeitrag von Björn T. am 18.07.2005 15:59

John Faulkner, ein FM DXer aus England, wollte einmal seine neu gebaute FM Loop Antenne ausprobieren in einen exponierten Standort mitten in England gelegen, dem Middleton Top in Nottinghamshire:


Mehr dazu schrieb John im Skywaves Forum:

From: "John Faulkner"
Date: Mon Jul 18, 2005 12:55 pm
Subject: Middleton Top Overnight bfmtvc
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Hi all.

I constructed an FM loop for my trip up to Middleton Top / Alport
Heights / Beeley Moor last night. This is the aerial I often
recommend to newcomers as it is reported to have about 5-6dB gain
over a standard dipole. Technical bods might want to correct me on
that but believe me it wipes the floor with the whip. It's really
easy to construct and even beats the whip just sat on the ground.

This is the first time I have used an FM loop on a DX trip and I was
surprised how well it performed. Reflector and director loops can be
constructed to further enhance performance.

Most of my DXing was done at Middleton Top but I took a quick drive
around Alport Heights and Beeley Moor to check conditions. I only
used the loop at Middleton Top.

Conditions seemed very poor. There were no tropo enhancements of any
kind on leaving home at 10pm local time. DXing took place between
11pm and 4am.

Did any other UK DXer in the south or south-west UK experience any
tropo overnight?

Here is the log. All stations received at Middleton Top unless
otherwise stated.

87.5 Bashment, London pirate
87.6 R Mango, Bredene
87.7 Wings FM, Fairford
87.8 R Courtoisie, Cherbourg, presumed
87.9 Shine FM, London pirate
87.9 Erewash Sound, Ilkeston
88.0 Birmingham pirate, ragga type music, blank carrier overnight
88.5 RTE-1, Three Rock Mountain (Beeley Moor)
88.7 France Musique, Lille
88.9 UNID classical music. Euskadi Irratia, Ganeta ???
89.0 Manx R, Snaefell (Beeley Moor)
89.2 France Culture, Cherbourg, presumed.
89.2 France Musique, Reims
89.4 Sweet FM, London pirate. Presumed, R&B
89.4 France Musique, Brest
89.6 London pirate? Bangin' techno
90.2 France Musique, Neufchatel-en-Bray
91.4 Classical music. Not France Musique. Suspect NOS-4 Markelo
91.5 France Culture, Caen
91.6 London pirate playing crooning music! Genesis?
91.6 Europe 1, Bethune, tentative
91.8 UNID France, talking. France Culture, Bourges?
92.0 Pirate, R&B "Essence"?
92.0 Extra Gold FM, Egem
93.3 Pirate, black music
93.4 BBC R Cymru, Croeserw 10W (Alport Heights)
93.6 Pirate. "Illusion" ?
93.8 Vibes FM, London pirate. Bashment
94.0 France Culture, Rouen
94.1 R Cymru, Mynydd Pencarreg (Alport Heights)
95.0 BBC SCR, Newhaven
95.1 WLR FM, Dungarvan-Faha (Alport Heights)
95.3 Kriss FM, Walsall, pirate
95.4 Roots FM, London ragga pirate
95.4 BBC R Berkshire, Windsor
96.7 Ocean FM, Crabwood Farm/Winchester
97.5 Ocean FM, Fort Widley/Portsmouth
98.3 France Culture, Rennes
98.4 SWR-3, Hornisgrinde (Anm. 846 Km weg !!)
98.6 VRT-2, Egem
99.0 Pirate, jungle/drum & bass style
99.6 Real R, Birmingham pirate
99.6 France Inter, Caen
99.8 Millennium Supreme, London pirate. R&B
99.9 Reggae pirate
99.9 France Culture, Boulogne
101.8 Birmingham pirate. Ragga music
104.2 3FM, Unknown tx "104 to 106 3FM" (Beeley Moor)
104.8 BBC SCR, Burton Down/Chichester
105.0 3FM, Rockchapel or Carnane? "104 to 106 3FM" (Beeley Moor)
106.8 Dublin's Country 106.8, Bray Head (Beeley Moor)
107.3 Time 107.3, Greenwich (formerly FLR)
107.5 Sting FM, Birmingham pirate
107.8 R Jackie, Brentham House/Kingston-on-Thames
108.0 Point Blank, Slough, presumed.. Techno

Rx: Kenwood KT6040 with 80kHz filters. Ant: homebrew FM loop, no
pre-amps, no balun.

Good DX!

From: "John Faulkner"
Date: Mon Jul 18, 2005 6:57 am
Subject: FM Loop bfmtvc
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I've had four enquiries so far regarding the contruction of the FM loop I used
at Middleton Top last
night. I will write a brief article about the construction and post it to the
Skywaves website
soon. To say I didn't use this with a balun I am very impressed with the
results. Flat conditions
and the loop at only 8 feet above ground level - very impressive. I will be
using this more
frequently when out mobile in future. It doesn't even look much like an aerial

Good DX!



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