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DX: 13.05.2009 - Sporadic E (TV)

Startbeitrag von Mathias Volta am 13.05.2009 12:11

14:08 E2 NRK1 => px, Logo oben rechts S=1-2


centrre france

RAI 10:08 ==> IA &IB messe S=2-3 +son

DR 1 10.15 ==>E3 S=1-2

RUV-14:08 ==> E4 PM5544 ruv S=2-3 +son

@+ 73 POS= N= 47°07--E=0°.63

von tvsf - am 13.05.2009 12:45
ItA & B: RAI Uno. Reception poor. Signal strenght between S=1 - 2.

von PowerAM - am 13.05.2009 12:54
Band is closed up here. Only E2 and R1 are unstable. No idenfication.

von Jassy - am 13.05.2009 13:11
I finished my reception of ItA & B after nearly two hours. The band seems to be closed now. Signal maximum here was at 14h25 GMT: RAI Uno on ItA was up to coloured reception with noise free sound. I used my ProAudio TFT8110 connected to a single VHF I dipol.

von PowerAM - am 13.05.2009 15:00
Well iv'e keeping a close eye dx sherlock today and iv'e received absolutly nothing yet and iv'e tried 3 different receivers so and they give conflicting results differnt niose on the screen so i am thinking that the PBR that operates now might be digital and that shows up as noise and the receivers are responding differently:(.

My 5" plustron is not well needs some new capacitors and if that wasn't bad enough my DVD player was playing up and that needs some new capacitors as well and iv'e just repaired my digital box for the same thing.

Anyway it's early days .


von andy 101 - am 13.05.2009 22:49
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