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DX: 26.05.2009 - Sporadic E (TV)

Startbeitrag von Paul@ukdx am 26.05.2009 08:05

0803 E2- + IA TLA Italy. music video

Update at 0856, Also got TVE Spain on E2 with adverts, a chat show on RAI Uno on IA and weak TV7 Tunisia on E4 but buried under TVE on 48.249.69x is an African video carrier, most likely Cameroon.



Re: DX: 26.05.2009 - Sporadic E (TV)

I got a weak signal on E2. Maybe it's TVE 1.

von PowerAM - am 26.05.2009 09:14

Re: DX: 26.05.2009 - Sporadic E (TV)

Conditions faded quickly this morning after Ramada Tunisia and Monte Cammarata, Sicily were seen. It is very common to see these two signals at the same time and usually the Tunisian has strong audio.

0830 IA RAI Uno Magazine show
0835 E4 TV7 Ramada Tunisia. Trailer for football.

RAI Uno IA from Monte Cammarata.


von Paul@ukdx - am 26.05.2009 13:14

Re: DX: 26.05.2009 - Sporadic E (TV)

The band is totally closed since ~12h00 GMT. But I received RAI Uno on ItA short before. It was like a short "Ping!" because of the very strong signal that was like your picture. I got a coloured picture with lightly noise and nearly noise-free audio. The reception was bright and strong for a few minutes.

In the last hours I switched to E2, E3, ItA, ItB, R1 and R2 sometimes but without any result.

von PowerAM - am 26.05.2009 14:21
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