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DX:01.06.2009 - Sporadic-E (TV)

Startbeitrag von UlliBG am 01.06.2009 06:15

Gerade kommen die ersten Bilder auf R1 rein.


R1 - M1 Hungary 10:00 & UNID TV Clock&PROMO (M.B HRT1?)

von Konstantin_in_UA - am 01.06.2009 10:58
1032 E2-/IA TLA Music video then the Maestro!
1033 IB RAI Uno Angela Lansbury
1206 IA RAI Uno offset was 53.749.77x which is unusual.

Only prop now at 1325 is a weak carrier from Cameroon on E2.

1042 55.00MHz Jonica Radio PI:505A dyn PS: JONICA__/RADIO___/SMS_329__/2955028_/
1045 56.00MHz Telesia Radio PI:20FE

von Paul@ukdx - am 01.06.2009 13:27
Hier ist jetzt 15:08 UTC, TLA auf itA zu sehen. Eine Uhrenwerbung.

von UlliBG - am 01.06.2009 15:11
17:16 A RAI-Uno => adv. & px S=2-3

von Mathias Volta - am 01.06.2009 15:17
RAI-Uno both on A & B now.

von Mathias Volta - am 01.06.2009 15:32
Ich kann sowohl RAI Uno auf ItA und ItB, als auch TLA auf ItA bestätigen ;-).

von Joe2006 - am 01.06.2009 15:47
Momemtan TLA auf A und RaiUno auf B(E4). Auf R1 AM-moduliertes Audiosignal (HAM?) uns komisches dickes Rauschen auf E2.

von Analog-Freak - am 01.06.2009 15:55
habe auf E2 nen Sender drin unten rechts eine 1 in einem Kreis und oben rechts die Uhrzeit

MfG Sven

von Sven2501 - am 01.06.2009 16:06
war TVE1

MfG Sven

von Sven2501 - am 01.06.2009 16:27
jetzt auch bei mir östlich von München:


von cain - am 01.06.2009 16:34
19:00 L3 Canal+ => scrambled px, S=3

von Mathias Volta - am 01.06.2009 17:02
19:13 E2 TVE1, Navacerrada => adv., "Andalusia" info, Magazin S=4

von Mathias Volta - am 01.06.2009 17:33
Here is my log for today.



von andy 101 - am 01.06.2009 19:43
Some more logs, an excellent opening this afternoon and early evening, high MUF and plenty of activity.

1640 IC- TLC M Vesuvius. Pop video & advert. new logo brc.
1641 E2 unid carriers only. A mix of RAI Uno and Kenya!
1645 E2- TLA S9+30dB! Telesales
1649 E3 e21 Adverts
1654 E2- A.Blu Vague shapes, severe CCI with TLA. (tent. logging)
1803 E4 TV7 Tunisia. Soap opera.
1814 E2 TVE News? Item about Tibet.
1827 E2/3 RTP1 O Preço Certo. 'The Price is Right'

1701 60.32 PI:5742 IL_SUONO (dyn) Radio Abruzzo Mar
1702 65.35 PI:5846 R._MONDO *new PI* Radio Mondo
1705 63.75 PI:53E1 RETE_96__ (dyn) Radio Milano
1708 60.80 PI:5355 LATMIELE *new log* Radio LatteMiele
1710 56.80 voice ID. 'medium wave 1584' This is Radio Studio X
1726 52.55 PI:5E75 __NUOVA_ Nuova Rete

The new logo on TLC Italy.

e21 Network on E3

TVE1 on E2

von Paul@ukdx - am 01.06.2009 20:09
Well i have received RAI and TLA a lot better than before but i still have got problems when there's a weak signal something is is pulling my sets line timebase out of lock.

It maybe my security pc so i can see lines until the signal becomes strong enough the set then locks to the tv signal but of course when i record it and play it back on my main pc i can see the picture ok,The problem with video tapes is if you change channels a lot i get lost unless i can identify the station which is why recording on the pc would be good because the recordings have a time/date stamp.

Going back to the early 90's band 1 was used for PMR and the interference did increase and thats mainly why i gave up dxing but after finding out that my pc was the cause i think the PMR has migrated elsewhere because of sporadic E interference but it's still listed as being used for PMR.

So my next task is to find out why my pc is generating so much interference and when i get time i'll try the tv card in another pc.


von andy 101 - am 01.06.2009 22:13
Logs of the day 01.06.2009:

Zeit / time: CET-DST

17:16 - 18:00 A RAI-Uno => adv. / Wetter / px
17:25 - 18:00 B RAI-Uno => // A
17:40 - 18:00 E2 unid => px
19:00 - 19:01 L3 Canal+ => scrambled px
19:13 - 17:50 E2 TVE 1 Navacerrada => adv. / px / „Andalusia“ 1565km

RAI-Uno on ch itA:

von Mathias Volta - am 03.06.2009 12:17
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