Help unid E2?

Startbeitrag von Paul@ukdx am 05.06.2009 11:12

I've uploaded a video that was recorded this morning on E2, 48.248,7xx @ 0755utc by Hugh Cocks in Portugal, he thinks it maybe Austria, which, if that is the case makes it ORF2. Maybe someone can recognise the logo or presenter to help ID this mystery please?

This is the file, it's 8mb mpeg1 format. unid E2 video.



No analog ORF2 signals on E2. The logo is completely different. Besides, there are no presenters in Austrian television.

von DX-Project-Graz - am 05.06.2009 15:26
Hi Paul,

It's definitively NRK 1 from Norway !
Up from 00:17s I recognize the "Nyheter" (= "news") - logo. Our DX-friend Arvid can surely confirm that, but I am 100% sure.

von Mathias Volta - am 05.06.2009 15:42
Nyheter-logo is on bottom left corner.

von Mathias Volta - am 05.06.2009 17:16
Thank you Mathias, it's amazing how different the logo can look due to a poor quality signal! John M has identified the transmitter as Varanger up at 71°N which means it is a 2x Es 4000km path to Hugh in Portugal.

I had another NRK this afternoon which is a mystery, E4 62.254.669, I've nothing listed for this frequency so can only assume it is a low power relay. Signals from Norway on E2 and E3 were very strong at the same time.

von Paul@ukdx - am 05.06.2009 20:26
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