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DX: 08.06.2009 Sporadic-E (TV)

Startbeitrag von Paul@ukdx am 08.06.2009 17:16

In the UK we have a saying called sods law. Sods law means that since I sent my TV capture card away to be modified we've had some of the best Es this season. So, in place of it I've had to resort to using my stills camera in video mode. It's actually sat on a tea mug to get the correct height in front of the TV :) I'll not give the entire log just this one, it's brief, very brief but I'm assured by Hugh Cocks in Portugal that this quick glimpse of people moving towards the camera is Equatorial Guinea, recorded on E4 62.249.2Mhz. The audio you here is the sound of the video carrier, it's a very strange noise and instantly recognisable when it's in. Unfortunately some of the detail has been lost in the conversion from MOV to AVI then down to MP4 but hopefully you'll get the idea. Also recorded this afternoon was Cameroon on E2, female faces on the camera and lots of French audio.

Path length from here to the centre of E Guinea is 5500km.
Guinea on E4


I know all to well just lately about sods law the past 2 days i have tried to upload vids on you tube and keep getting an error mesage but i can upload from another location?

Today my mobile phone packed up a few days ago a regulator failed in my plustron tv last week my car engine (diesel) would not stop the week before my backup UPS for the pc's failed.

Anyway at least i had some good dx on saturday but i know what you mean paul when i was dxing in the 80's i worked shifts and i hated having to go work when the was loads of dx coming in.

I hope your works ok when you get it back what are you having done to it if you don't mind me asking.


von andy 101 - am 08.06.2009 23:01

von tvsf - am 09.06.2009 08:21
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