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Noch mal (viel) TADX

Startbeitrag von Ottensen FM am 30.06.2009 08:39

Pail Logan hat am 26.6.2009 zwischen 2100 und 2200 UTC auf verschiedenen QRGs transatlantischen Empfang gehabt.

O-Ton Paul
"Hi all,

well I think I have solved the 88.5 NPR reception. I'm very sure this was
WXPN in Philadelphia. Heres the reasoning - its from the same TX site as 94.1
WYSP - also heard. And, looking at the loggings on google earth its right along
the same very narrow reception line as WYSP and WFRU NYC that were in at the
same time at the openings start. Amherst MA, NPR is actually north of that line
and everything else heard was south of this main line. So for me thats a bona
fide logging.

The receptions of Cape Isle Of Wight, MD clock in at 3273 Miles / 5267 km.Stifle
your laughter, but thats a personal best!. Its also a new world record for Sp E
@ Band 2 (as far as I know), beating out 2003's reception of WFRY 97.5 by 221
miles / 355 km.

I feel very lucky and very fortunate to be part of a hobby that has so many good
people in it both sides of the Atlantic who put their time and effort into the
advancement and understanding of our common interest. Without the 6 meter
plotters ( and the internet!) and good people like those on Skywaves and WTFDA
this log wouldnt be complete or perhaps possible!

Heres the final tally for last night. Distances are in KM. Times in UTC.

88.50 1800 AZORES RCA-Rádio Atlántida Ponta Delgada smg 0.5 2300 PI:84CB
88.5 2105 USA WXPN-XPN 88.5 Philadelphia/Roxborough Tower Farm PA
5146 yl with NPR id
90.7 2110 USA WFUV-NPR New York/Fordham University NY 50 4999 yl with news and
94.1 2111 USA WYSP-Free FM Philadelphia/Roxborough Tower Farm PA 16 5146 ID and
ref to "South Philly"
95.1 2114 USA WAYV Atlantic City NJ 50 5144 rock mx fitting their online
95.1 2116 USA WXTK West Yarmouth MA 50 4711 Howie Carr talk show
97.3 2116 USA WENJ FM Millville NJ 50 5169 Ads and id as 97.3 ESPN South Jersey
97.3 2117 USA WJFD-FM New Bedford MA 50 4751 Portuguese
95.9 2120 USA WOSC Cape Isle Of Wight MD 10.5 5260 "Non stop 96 Rock"
95.9 2120 USA WCRI-Classical 95.9 Block Island RI 6 4829 classical music
98.1 2125 USA WOCM Cape Isle Of Wight MD 3 5260 ad for the steer inn tavern
Berlin md
92.1 2127 CAN CJOZ-OZ FM Bonavista NF 6.7 3165 ads for Bonavista "

QTH: Lisnaskea / Nord-Irland

Spannend: AZR (Azoren) mit PI und PS!

[Quelle: Forum der Worldwide TV - FM DX Association - WTFDA]


Sehenswert, auch wenn hier eher Multihop-ES anstatt, wie in der Videobeschreibung genannt, F2 (MUF wäre selbst bei höchster Sonnenaktivität maximal bis 60 MHz möglich!!) ausschlaggebend zu sein scheint:



von Mathias Volta - am 07.08.2009 06:51
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