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DX:14.06.2011 Sporadic E (TV)

Startbeitrag von Hugh am 14.06.2011 14:21

This was received today in Portugal around 10.40 utc today.
Frequency offset around 48.249900 MHz.There is a report that TVS 1 is being relayed on Ch E2 in Kinshasa by a radio amateur living in Brazzaville..The 9Q1D beacon was received here at the same time from there
It's unlikely to be Cameroon as in the studio they are normally fullscreen (wide on music videos) but this is widescreen in a studio setting.

Jose EA7KW and I have been seeing this 48.249900 MHz signal (it's a
frequency drifter) for a few months now via TEP but jammed in with Cameroon just
a little lower down in frequency.

At the same time on Ch E3 there was a very wide distorted carrier in for a few
minutes only.


For the first 60 seconds there is more audio than video.They seem to fade up and down independently.


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