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Chris Buf GM

looking for a netminder

Startbeitrag von Chris Buf GM am 16.06.2003 01:12

Howdy all

first off, thanks for letting me into a league like this. It is very diff than the other leagues that I am currently in, and all for the good!

secondly, if ya need to reach me, contact me at ICQ 6138790, email: gratts77@hotmail.com, please put GOHL in the post so I don't delete it please

And finally: I am looking to get an "average goalie", someone from the 75-78ov range. Most of my team could be had, cept Perreault and maybe Korab. I am fond of Picks prospects and young players aka CHEAP!!!

I will listen to any offer, including those for Perreault, so don't be shy!

Thanks again
Buffalo GM


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