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"Zug spotting" im raum Munchen

Startbeitrag von jelmer am 09.11.2016 07:59

Hallo Foren gemeinschaft,

Da meine Deutsche Sprache nicht so gut ist, wollte ich gerne meine frage unten im english fragen. Uber alle antworten (auf Deutsch, English oder Niederlandisch :-)) freue ich mich sehr.

Mid December will be first time for me visiting Munich area for business. As time is very limited I doubt whether there are possibilities to see some of the train networks around Munich and in particular the "Mittenwaldbahn".
I will be flying in on a weekday around 6 pm and then travel by car towards the south of Munich. Next day I have to be for business all day in the Planegg area, and will fly again the next weekday in the morning back to home.

So any possibilities to see some trains would be in the evening time I guess. Could you recommend any place in the neighborhood with some lively traffic and perhaps with enough light?

Since childhood already I was fascinated by trains and offcourse had my Maerklin modellayout. Nowadays I'm trying to bring some flavour of the "Mittenwaldbahn" in my home layout..

Best regards/mit freundliche Grusse from the Netherlands,


it highly depends on where your hotel is. It is - of course - already dark in the evening. If you have time to go to central Munich, then go to Hauptbahnhof, Pasing or Heimeranplatz (latter both also with freight services). Otherwise, the line through Planegg has almost only electric cars in local and regional services.
BTW you could also use the S-bahn from the Airport to Planegg ...


von luchs - am 09.11.2016 17:55
Hallo Luchs,


The hotel booked is the Holiday inn, Munich south.
Looking into the U-bahn lines going just north of the hotel, an attempt to visit the "Hauptbahnhof" would be most realistic I suppose.
Indeed, all dark, hopefully I get another opportunity in near future.


von jelmer - am 11.11.2016 07:52
Hi Jelmer,

although today sunset in Munich is 4:38 p.m., there may be some light (if it is not too cloudy) at main station (Hauptbahnhof).

Best photo opportunity is the end of platform track 9 (Holzkirchner Flügelbahnhof), if you have a high iso camera, for trains moving.

Otherwise you always can take the trains in the main hall (tracks 11-26) ...


... but of course there is some difference to the motif shown ... ;-)

Have a good time in Munich and some chances for good photos !

Kind regards

von makna - am 12.11.2016 15:25
Hallo Makna,

Danke fuhr die erweiterung und die schone bilder (nicht nur aus Munchen) :spos:

When I return, I will all let you know about results (if any).


von jelmer - am 14.11.2016 19:18

Re: "Zug spotting" im raum Munchen - Bin wieder zu Hause mit 1 Bild)

Hallo allen zusammen,

Jetz immer noch keine gute Deutsche sprache, ich lerne nicht schnell genugend... ;-)

So I have spent the last two nights in Munich, and have some results here..
Wednesday 14dec; flight arrival at 6pm, at the hotel near 8 pm. After having a quick hotel dinner, I decided to get to the "Hauptbahnhof". I took the S-bahn from the stop Siemenswerke and drove with the S-bahn directly to Hbf. Could not see too much of the rail network around, all dark.
I came at Hbf at around 10.15 pm.
I did not see that much trains at the beginning, but then quite sudden, quite some trains were entering the main hall. Some examples:
-ALEX train from/to Regensburg
-ICE 1, 2, T from various destinations
-IC from Berlin and Frankfurt
-entry of nighttrain (OBB) towards Salzburg and further destinations
-incoming EC82 (OBB either) from Bologna
-incoming EC197 from Basel

From all directions, trains came in in about just 30 minutes.
After that I took S-bahn to Marienplatz and from there further with U3 to the hotel.

Herewith one picture of the Alex " werbelok" made with mobile phone (so no high iso)
[attachment 410 Alex.jpg]

Second night (15dec), returned in the hotel after business at around 6;30 pm. After having finished dinner at 8 pm, I decided to look for my modellayout station Murnau.
Off course the landscape around the station could not be seen, but the "modern" lightning nowadays of the station and the platforms gave me some impression.
Visited also the "denkmallok" E69 04.

Thank you very much for the given advice, hope to visit again with more daylight.


von jelmer - am 16.12.2016 22:04
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