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Jakarta: Siemens setzt konvent. Monorail gegen Maglev Rotem (Korea) durch

Startbeitrag von Medien... am 05.08.2005 08:30

ITC picks local trains amid rift with partner

Damar Harsanto, The Jakarta Post/Jakarta


...The majority shareholder of PT Jakarta Monorail (JM), PT Indonesia Transit Central (ITC), decided on Thursday to pick local companies that can supply trains using technology provided by Siemens of Germany for the Jakarta monorail project.

The decision was made despite strong objections from its foreign partner, Omnico Pte. Ltd of Singapore, which claimed that ITC had made the decision unilaterally.

ITC, which owns 55 percent of the consortium, prefers to use local rolling stock with the technology provided under license by Siemens in order to reduce the cost of the monorail, while Omnico, which holds 45 percent of the project, is insisting on the use of magnetic levitation (Maglev) technology from South Korea's Rotem.

"We have decided to use Siemens technology for the monorail as we deem it to be cheaper ... Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso supports our decision," ITC president director Ruslan Diwirjo told reporters after a meeting with officials at City Hall.



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