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Golden Globes - bericht von Anon in LA

Startbeitrag von Martina am 26.01.2004 13:46

Golden Globes Recap Part 1

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Posted by: Anon in LA - 1/26/2004 (23:59) -
Hey All
I labeled this part one because I am making this short and sweet. I have a headache and I am heading for bed. I will post more tomorrow. Just wanted to give you guys some inside the show bits for your morning wake up.

Where do I start. ? Well I will be the first one to admit that I did break down and cry for 20 minutes after Johnny lost. I tried not to get too teary eyed during Bill's speech . Shortly after, I excused my self to the ladies's room to break down and cry. Never in my years have I ever down this, but there was just this hurt feeling that this was the award that he had the best chance to win. So much for being proffesional , I just could not help it. I was not alone. Finally I came out to the mirror to adjust my make up and get back in before guests got worried. Next to me also crying comes a certain person ( no , not Van) very emotional as well. Her words were, he would kill me if he knew I was in here crying. We hugged and both looked so embrassed to be discovered by the other one crying.
Anyway, back to my seat.

Let me back up to the arrivals. Johnny got there fairly close to start time. He was let off right in the heart of the action. Since most stars had arrived already and walked the carpet, he was a main force of it. A movie person kept calling to see if he was there yet . They seems so worry that he would not show. He did call and tell them that althrough not feeling 100% he would be there.
He still had enough time to walk the carpet , pose for a few photos. He made his way straight over to sign for some fans then talk to a bunch of press people. Everyone was screaming for him and Vanessa.
Unlike the critics choice, tons of press people were screaming for Vanessa. They wanted her to come over and posed. She tried to get Johnny to go over there with her. He said no so she said no thanks and stayed with Johnny.
The whole time he walked the carpet, he was mumbling how long it was taking and why did n't he just go to the other door. He also said he could not see much cause he left his glasses in the car. He was so concerned about getting them. He had them off in the car to rest his head. They then were rushing him to get since his car was blocking the area so jumped out and right into the action. Someone else had grabbed his glasses, but they were behind him as he got thrown in so many directions. He barely got in and to his seat. He kept getting stopped and people were demanding interview. Johnny said he only wanted to talk to Pat O'Brien of Access Hollywood before hand. He likes ( as most stars do) Pat's style.
He thought that was being set up and waited and it did not happened. They set some one else up to interview not even the show.
Once again, people just get greedy. It was mad quite clear that Johnny was abit under the weather and woudl not be talking to many reporters.
Johnny did stay the whole show. He was a trooper. He looked beat, was coughing half the show but he drank his tea and coffee and had a good time. After his cateogory, he was thinking to deck out. He took a short break to walk Vanessa to the restroom. Vanessa was not letting Johnny out of her sight tonight . We had a laugh and teased her about it. During that break and waiting he got into a converstation with Renee Zelleweger who came out and said wow what a nice surprise. They started talking , Van came out and he told her let's go back and watch the rest. He wanted to see if Sean would win or show. Johnny kept asking all night, is Sean here yet."If he leaves me here alone, oh man. He is too funny when he mumbles. He also checked on the kids ( LR kept calling to see when he was coming home), went out to get alittle fresh air, no smoke this break said he was too sick to smoke. Then he was approached by Jennifer Beals who asked if it would be too rude to asked for a photo with him. He said sure, then she went on and on how she used to watch Jumpstreet and all. Vanessa said she acted like a true fan and thought it was cute. Vanessa asked her her name and what projects she did . Johnny did not know off hand and did not want to embrassed her.
Johnny loved Bill's speech. He thought it was the highlight of the show.
Bill came over to his table to talk to him and say hello. He told Johnny, I have been waiting to see you. He asked him about Martin Landau and they talked about Chicago ( the city not movie) Billy Bob came over and told Johnny that he hopes he gets an Oscar nod. Lots of love and support for Johnny. Queen Latifah wouldn't leave him alone all night. She even had him say hi to her mom on the cell during a break.
Johnny didn't stick around much after it was over. He said that he just wasn't up to it. Van said she felt ok and wanted to hang for a while to hit atleast the official party . They decided to leave . They said good bye to a few of us, Christina R was whining about not being able to see him much. Next thing I know Johnny was invited a few people over if they wanted to come by after the party. Normally, he will invite people to the Viper Room afterwards and meet them there.This time he said he was going home to relax, put his kids to bed . He said he would be up later no doubt.
I stayed and tried to hit all the parties quickly to say hi to some people I missed coming in and during the show breaks. Then I decided that I much rather be hanging with the man , not here.
I had to talk my date and assistant into it as we all rode together. They agreed and off we went.
I will end here for now since this is getting long.
I will say that it was good to see the actors in the lead comedy cateogory so humble and cool about losing to Bill. I can't say the same about one of the actors in the drama lead who was not happy to loose.
Also a director who was very bitter to loose. Wow , what happens to people during this time.
I hope you guys enjoy the recap. More to come. I am just beat.


Danke, Martina. Ich hab heute morgen schon gesucht und nix gefunden.

von Sanni - am 26.01.2004 14:11
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