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"King of the Hill"... ??

Startbeitrag von Uschi am 13.04.2004 13:02

Johnny Depp will appear as a guest voice on "King of the Hill" Sunday, May 9, on Fox.

When Hank suffers a back injury at work and none of his doctors can fix it, he tries the healing powers of yoga. At first, he finds it a little too wacky, but thanks to the help of Yogi Victor (Johnny Depp) he realizes that it actually works. Meanwhile, Hank’s insurance company sets out to prove that his worker’s compensation claim is false and Peggy fights to keep the old Pink & White market open on the ”Hank’s Back” episode of KING OF THE HILL Sunday, May 9 (7:30-8:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (KH-815) (TV-TBA)
This photo and information were provided to this site directly from Fox Broadcasting.


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