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Ha, doch nen kleinen Fetzen zu UO Renaissance gefunden ...

Startbeitrag von Rodgar am 05.01.2000 23:16

Geschrieben von Rodgar am 06. Januar 2000 00:16:16:
Folgendes fand ich bei XRoads:
"Several months ago, we outlined our plans for the future of Ultima Online. As this future is now just over the horizon, we are pleased to re-announce these plans as Ultima Online: Renaissance. Ultima Online: Renaissance is an updated release of the Ultima Online game that will include a new packaging look. Current Ultima Online subscribers won't be required to purchase a new CD to enjoy the updated features of Ultima Online: Renaissance, as all of these features, and a few additional changes and updates, will be downloaded to our existing customers over the upcoming months.
UO Renaissance will include all of the new features we outlined in September, such as:

Land Expansion - An expanded world map brings new opportunities for housing and room for different play styles.
Options for PvP - A geographic separation of play styles will allow players to experience the excitement of Britannia without non-consensual PvP. For those who wish to participate in player versus player combat, the rules of PvP will be improved.
Party System - Group adventuring will allow players to better coordinate and communicate while adventuring.
Improved Monster AI - We're teaching our monsters a few new tricks. They'll become more challenging and appealing to any adventurer.
Increased Veteran Player Volunteer Programs - A massive expansion of the Counselor, Companion, and Seer programs gives added support and enhancement to the world of UO.

We'll announce additional, specific details on these changes as they near release."
na dann bin ich mal gespannt ... angekündigter Release-Termin ist der 15.03.


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