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Das erreichte mich heute per email:

(NOTE: This is being posted on Stratics and CoB as

well, but I thought I would personally extend this

letter to you.)
Citizens of Britannia,
It is now evident that the darkness foretold has begun

to manifest, that the one known simply as "The

Mistress" is a real and tangible danger to the kingdom

in which we reside. The capture of Lord Nicolus,

designed as psychological warfare, was but the first

step in a grandscale campaign to subvert and conquer

the lands we claim as ours. As I write this missive,

cities such as Trinsic and Vesper lay under siege,

waves upon waves of the enemy weakening our defenses

with each new day...
But these events are simply predecessors to a coming

storm. It is in this time, this lull before the tide

breaks, that we must play our hand to full advantage.

For if we are not prepared for what is to come, chaos

and disorder will lay waste to our ranks, leaving us

defenseless against whatever lies in wait, writhing

just beyond our vision...
It is time to come together, to disregard differences

in race, in paradigm, in speech, and in manner. It is

time to let grudges fall away, to unify with those you

once warred, to set aside whatever seperates us from

one another. In this time of darkness, victory will

not come easily, but I assure you that together, we

can weather whatever is thrown our way, and disallow

the capture of our lands by the presence that has

And so my proposition remains that a council be

formed, a representative coalition designed to

organize our defense, improve communication, and unify

the masses into one strong and steadfast army. To

bring this to fruition, I advocate a meeting of all

citizens who wish to stand against this threat, to be

held on Wednesday, January 26th, at 8:30pm EST, in the

King's Men Theatre of the capital city, Britain.
Diplomats from all walks of life are encouraged to

attend; the greater the participation, the more

resources we will have to combat the arrival of the

Mistress. During the meeting, relevant information

discovered throughout the course of past events will

be discussed and further researched, leadership will

be selected, organization of our forces will begin,

and a contact list will be created in order to

facilitate a call to arms in the event of an attack.
I would suggest that all who are interested review the

materials available on the events that have occured in

recent weeks: journals recovered during the rescue of

Lord Nicolus are on display in Castle Britannia's

south wing, and Stratics has pertinent articles dating

back to the end of December, both in Quest and Event

News, and the Catskills section. In addition, the

Brotherhood of Wayrest has apparently been involved in

many of the town attacks, and has detailed

descriptions of each battle at their web site:

[www.wayrest.uoguilds.com]. And finally, for an

array of pictures and a line by line journal from the

Lord Nicolus quest, view the following archive at

I can be contacted through the telepathic method known

as ICQ at 46756588 (please include the word "alliance"

in your authorization request), or through Britain's

Postal Service at jessicaven@yahoo.com. If anyone has

questions, concerns, or ideas, I would urge them to

contact me as soon as possible, and have a presence at

the meeting on Wednesday, January 26th, at 8:30pm EST,

in the King's Men Theatre of the capital city,

Until then, may the Caress guide you safely through...
-Mistress Eve


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