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Rodgar, Ugur

Dear friends, i have some news you should know.

Startbeitrag von Ugur am 07.02.2000 18:59

Geschrieben von Ugur am 07. Februar 2000 19:59:50:
The accident now lies 3 days behind me....

I rode alone the road to Trinsic, i had some buisness in Britain..

I was a moment distracted when a bolt was fired in my back from a bush nearby

the road.

I am now recovering from my bad wound, the bolt was poisoned and i called for

Koria to assist me with her grand magic. But she couldnt help me and i now

recover only slowly from this poison.

To help my brothers in these dark times i asked Koria to help you in the

meantime. I send word to a great knight i know from past adventures.

His name is Uriens Ravenclaw and i want you to give him a warm welcome since

he agreed to help our cause until i am fully recovered which may take a long


My only hope is that i find the antidote with my dark Aunt Kidania...
Your Brother



My prayers are with you brother!

Geschrieben von Rodgar am 08. Februar 2000 01:53:40:
Als Antwort auf: Dear friends, i have some news you should know. geschrieben von Ugur am 07. Februar 2000 19:59:50:

von Rodgar - am 08.02.2000 00:53
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