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Startbeitrag von Rodgar am 16.05.2000 21:30

Geschrieben von Rodgar am 16. Mai 2000 23:30:50:
"Date: Sunday, 5-21-00

Time: 3:00-6:00 pm, eastern
Location: The small NPC village (four yellow huts) immediately south east of the Britain public forge and western most bridge (the bridge by the main Brit bank).
I encourage all those coming to create whatever tangent events or stories to this event that you wish. Some people are already planning caravans from their home towns for both buyers and crafters (Yew and hopefully one from Trinsic thus far). Merchants could boat up the river and use the hold of their ships as their shop storage. And certainly any other entertainment, mini-events, etc. would be welcome. The more entertaining, the more RP interactive, the better. Much like the Canterburry Tales, getting to the destination could be as fun as the event that awaits you at the end of your journey. My real reason for putting this together was to get us all in one spot and get back to enjoying each other once again.
Player of Dove the Healer"
Ich selber werde vermutlich keine Zeit haben aber das sollte Euch ja nicht stören :))... denke es könnte interessant werden und die Zeit paßt ja auch prima! (21 - 24 Uhr ...)


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