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Vielleicht erinnert sich der eine oder andere von Euch: ;-)
"Dove's Spirit Released from Stone

The soul of Dove the Healer has been released from the stone that it has been trapped in for the past several weeks. The secret of how to release the soul from the stone was finally learned by the Knights of Yew. At the appropriate moment, Scarecrow, leader of the Knights, used the Mace of St. Gideon to break the stone and Dove’s spirit materialized. The spirit was then sent to Haven where it could be reincorporated.

The soul stone was acquired by the original Giddeon Night some 200 years ago. Night, now possessing Jhubal’s body, then supposedly killed Dove and used the stone to trap Dove’s soul. Giddeon wanted to use the item as a bargaining chip in an effort to acquire St. Gideon’s Mace, a magic relic that could be used to break a seal in Deceit. This seal is said to contain the undead leader of an ancient evil army who fought St. Giddeon long ago. Due to its potential power of destruction, the Knights of Yew sought to secure the mace. The mace had been in the belly of a dragon, where it had rested since the death of St. Gideon and it was there when the Knights acquired it. The stone was found after the bank box of Jhubal, whose body Night was possessing, was acquisitioned by the Knights and a map leading to the stone was followed.
The Knights learned from a witch that the mace could be used against the stone, as the stone is of the same material used for the ancient seal in Deceit. The witch was last seen in Britain and is still considered to pose a threat. It is presumed that Giddeon Night was killed by Alejandra Herero, a pirate, shortly after Night’s escape during his transit to his trial in Yew."


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