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Geschrieben von Rodgar am 20. Januar 2001 17:28:55:
Von Okami / Shadowrangers:
"Artarion showed up Friday night wanting to know where his scrolls were. After quite a bit of badgering, we finally showed him what was left of the scrolls. He was a bit upset, but not as much as we thought he would be.

He then said he had a reason to be happy tonight, and said we'd soon see his plan. With that he left, and we immediately thought to check the Covenant Tower, which Rei had a rune for.

She recalled there, saw that a ring of nightshade and star sapphires had been placed, and gated us in. Once there, we decided we should try and burn the nightshade, and hopefully disrupt the marking. Well, we gathered some kindling, and set the nightshade ablaze. The nightshade actually caught fire, and we burned it all. Unfortunately, this caused a poison elemental to be summoned. We killed it, and then Artarion showed up, proclaiming us to be idiots, and pointed out we could disturb the marker all we wanted, and it didn't matter.

Myca wasn't too impressed, and began to mock Artarion, offering him a job as a Jester. Artarion got angry, and summoned a horde of ice fiends. They were fairly easily dispatched, and I then asked him who was sending the help, as I thought he was "just" the lord of spiders. He responded to this by summoning an army of black widows. He followed up with a few daemons, and left, warning us that his plan was going into motion.
We then checked his lair and saw no change. "


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