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Startbeitrag von OlaE am 22.08.2017 05:33

I'm interested in buying a SAM and import it to Sweden. I belive this is possible between two EU countries even if there were never sold here.
I've wanted to design my own electric three wheeler but that won't happen and I thought this could be a way to get there. I drive a lithiumconverted City-El now but the SAM is much more cooler with two seats and higher power and speed.
I have some questions regarding the two different models, I know that the first version has lead batteries and the second lithium but otherwise.
What's the difference between the first 80 series and the newer SAM II if you look at the battery spec (Volt/ah), motor, controller and other parts? Which one has the best quality if you exclude the battery?
I want to find one with defect or no battery and build my own batterypack using LiFePO4 or Li-Ion cells.
What model should I go for? Is there a way to get hold of spareparts?




Hello OlaE, I've sent you a PM.


von michael-123 - am 31.08.2017 12:52
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