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US Insignia

Startbeitrag von Fred Schwarz am 12.05.2001 23:21


Thanks you very much for the US Insignia Patch mod. I am able to put my own unit's patch on all my CM soldiers now (84th Division, USAR).

One note though. We only wear our unit of assignment patch on the left shoulder. You mod puts the patch on both shoulders. If someone had served in a unit in combat, he can wear that unit patch on the right shoulder. This was the same in WWII.




Fred ,

This problem is well known: unfortunately Combat Mission uses only ONE picture to show BOTH arms of the US infantry. So there is no way to avoid the mistake you mentioned ( Fortunately they use two different arms for the US paratroopers, and I will correct the error with the para patches asap ).



von Tom ( Webmaster ) - am 13.05.2001 17:38
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