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Body Kit

Startbeitrag von Bazooka am 16.01.2005 04:16

Hello, I am from Australia and came across a photo of a Samurai with a Wide Body Kit on it. From searching It seems they might be available in Germany.

Does anyone know anything about the kit?

Here is a link



Hatte die Verbreiterungen nicht mal die Firma Weiss mal im Angebot ?

von donny - am 16.01.2005 07:38
More information please?

von Bazooka - am 16.01.2005 09:11
@ Bazooka

in germany we have lots of problems with the trafficlaw to style our ZuK ´s as we wish. In that case it is very difficult to get those special spareparts here. Nearly every change at our car has to be checked from a official tech engineer, and if it fit in the rules it will be writen in the cars papers.

So most of us ( i mean the guys in and araund this Forum) built their own stuff by themselves or we use parts from other vehicles. Another way to get special parts is to order them in the USA or Canada, with all the shit with Tax and shippingkosts.

But maybe it will help here are some links we use for order and inspiration:


this is only an overview but it might bring you forward to your goal.

greetings and keep all the wheels on the ground


von tronranger - am 16.01.2005 13:01
Hi bazooka,
here in Germany some car´s drive around with a such kind of wide bodykit.
These are wide GFK flenders .
sometimes we can find such a car or kit by ebay germany.
We can make a deal: We can help you to find such a bodykit, and you can help us to order US parts to Germany???
like calmini ect.
mfg, chris

von chris - am 16.01.2005 16:18
Thanks heaps for the replies and information. I will pursue these leads further.

Do you have any further information on this? I would like to know more about GFK too. Who are they?
I would love to make you guys a deal but I am from Australia and not America. If there is anything I can help you with here then I am only too hapy to do so.

von Bazooka - am 18.01.2005 00:27
Hi, I'm not a member of this site, but was looking for Samurai stuff on the Internet and found this thread. I bought wide fibreglass fenderflares from a German Company called Delta. Don't know their webaddress, but contact Ron @ www.offroadcentre.nl in Utrecht, Netherlands. He sells them and he does ship abroad.
The ones in the picture are the small ones, he does sell even wider flares !

More info on:

von Nitromax - am 22.01.2005 13:45
the Homepage of delta is www.delta-4x4.de

You don't have to be a member to write here ;))
Thx for the link to your buddy in NL, that might help me.


von schraubersepp - am 22.01.2005 23:03
I am an American living here in Ansbach, Germany. I have 87 Samurai and I order parts all the time. I would be would like to help you guys order parts from the US if I could get some help in finding a Rallye Hardtop for my Samurai. I have a one peice hard top and would like to trade for a Rallye Hardtop or maybe a 2 peice hardtop. I also have a bikini top, duster, and pick-up top. I would like to find more asscories for my sami.


von zynnad - am 23.01.2005 09:53

I would like to know more about GFK too. Who are they?

Sorry to say, but that was a misunderstanding due to the german language... ;-)
GFK ist the abbreviation for "GlasFaserKunststoff", which you might know as fiberglass resin.

Delta used to make a lot of wide - and even too wide - fender flares, but i don't remember they offered complete body part replacements, at least not for the Samurai.

As far as I know, there's no company selling these parts currently.

Kind regards


von Derk - am 23.01.2005 11:47
Hi Dan,
are ya talkin about Ansbach near Vilseck, Grafenwöhr, Amberg?? I'm from here, we could meet next Weekend, maybe I have somthin for you.


von schraubersepp - am 23.01.2005 12:13
If you guys are keen on some wide guards then I already have a set of these 6" wide flares.

Maybe Zynnad can hook you up with them from America.



Im not all that keen on the look myself and so wanted some proper wide fenders.

von Bazooka - am 24.01.2005 03:00
Yes I will help. Those Bushwacker Flares are very expensive. They are like 300 us dollars.


von zynnad - am 24.01.2005 05:58

that link "www.delta-4x4.de" does not work, does anyone know a different one to get the fender flares?


von zynnad - am 24.01.2005 06:02
Yeah those Bushwacker flares arent cheap. Their selling here for $800AUS. One guy imported them direct himself and paid just over $500AUS. In all the confusion I ended up getting mine for $400AUS, not a bad price :)

Try www.delta4x4.de it worked for me.

von Bazooka - am 24.01.2005 06:13
Wow!! 400 AUS is not a bad price!! Thanks for the redirect on the link


von zynnad - am 24.01.2005 06:20
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