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Startbeitrag von carkiller08 am 04.07.2005 20:04

Weiß jemand Näheres ?

Wollte heute wie immer bei der Soul Source Old School Hour ( mit Florian Diehl ) ab 21:00 Uhr reinhören und mußte feststellen, daß da jetzt eine andere Sendung läuft.

Schade. Die Sendung lief dort seit September 2003.
Da liefen immer gute seltene Titel aus den 80ern / 90ern.


Laut deiner Beschreibung habe ich da wohl ne gute Sendung verpasst :-(
Frag doch mal bei Jam FM über den Grund nach.

von Mæx - am 04.07.2005 20:41
Ja, der Moderator Florian Diehl hat viele weniger bekannte Songs (Vinyl) gespielt
(jeweils 4 aus den 80ern und 4 aus den 90ern). Darunter auch immer wieder mal
Uptempo-Songs, die man in Soul-Sendungen ja sonst eher nicht hört.

Ich hab' da beispielsweise folgende Titel aufgenommen :

Soul Source (Mo.-Do., 20-22 Uhr)

>> Never Too Late For Your Loving > Our Hearts Will Always Shine > The Goodbye Song > Are You Lonely > A Thousand Years > I Can Let You Go > I Don't Wanna Know > Givin' It Up > Do You Really Love Me > It's So Hard > Sensuous Lover > Just Call > Don't Wanna Let You Go > It's The Love > Buttercup > Something Real > Creme De Dreme > I'll Be There > Ain't You Had Enough Love > Systematic > This Love > Kisses Don't Lie > Heaven In You Arms I Can't Find A Love> I Get Off On You > Your Sweetness > Don't Be Affraid > Pick Up The Pieces > Just For You > Lady You Are > I Wanna Say I Love You > Just A Touch Away > Dare To Dream > Don't You Ever Leave Me Again > Heaven > Why Not Me > Wisdom Of A Fool > I Owe It To Myself > Hard To Give It Up > More Today Than Yesterday > Quality Time > Searching For Your Love > Keeping Secrets > Caught In The Middle > Heartbeat > Ain't You Had Enough Love > This Is What Happens To You > Mood For Love > Night To Remember > Pressing On (edit) > Now That I Have You > Special > Same Ole Song > What's MissingTake Me To The Top (rmx)>Love Me Right>Keeping Love New>Meant To Be>I Wanna Feel Your Love>I Can't Keep Holding Back>You Know I Love YouYou Can't Run From My Love>My Love's Been Good To You>Wish That You Were Mine>Dont Give Me Up (12")>Galveston Bay> Sharing Your Love >Heartbreaking Decision> Love Is In Your Eyes > Digital Love Affair > I Can't Stay Mad Too Long > Warm And Tender Love > Fade To Black > This Love Is For Real > Stay > Posession > Same Ole Love > Giving You The Best > I Won't Be Satisfied > Hypnoticed > Sara Sara > Open The Door > Another World > Taste Of Your Love > Aiman At Your Heart >What About You > Genie > The Last Time (remix) > You And Me Tonight > Bad Time To Break Up > I'll Give You Love > There Goes My Heart > I Don't Know What To Do > I Can't Live Without You > Come Back To Me Lover > Made Of Gold > Sweet Control > Star Flower > Where Is The Love > Without You In My Life > It Feels So Good > Special Lady > I'm Your Melody > Give Me A Chance > Candy > In The Mix > Dreams > Looking Back > Money Can't Buy You Love > You're Putin' A Little Rush > Giving Myself To You > Wanna Love You Tonight > Don't You Ever Stop ( 040819, keine Playlist verfügbar ) > Sometimes I Cry > Easier Said Than Done > Stop Holding Back > Turn The Music On < Orlando Johnson & Trance 4:09 1983
>> 5 Minutes Of Lovetalk > The Last Time (The Long Cool Mix) > Hot Nights >What Becomes Of The Broken Heart>I Don't Really Care >Imaginary Playmates>Menage A Trois>Lady du Jour >Universal Love>If You Want To Fool Around >Open Up Your Heart>When We Touch It's Like Fire >I Thought I Could Handle It >Irresistible> Personality (DIY Ext. Mix) > With You > Love's Gonna Get You Even A Fool > You're The Number One (In My Book) > Candy (long version) >Will You Be Mine > Love Seasons > Lap Of Luxury > Love On Sight > It's Up To Me > You're Gonna Lose Me > Come To Me > Too Hot To Handle < Latimore 5:07 (1978)
>> I'll Make You An Offer > Destiny > Make Me Yours Forever > I'm So Satisfied > Nite Life (12") > Shout For Joy > I'll Do My Best > Wait A Minute > Doin' All Right Hold Me > Star Crossed Lovers > Second To None> Hipnotic Lady > Just One Moment Away > I Just Can't Control Myself > The Secret Garden > I Got A Thang For Ya> I Don't Know Yet > Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back > Hide And Seek > Hold Tight > Love Or Physical > Say You Love Me Still > Treat Me Right > Let Me Show You (12") > My Secret Fantasy > Body Rap > Once Had Your Love > Just A Little Love> Mystery Of Love > It's Time For Love > Love Suspect > Don't Say No > Eternally > Your Spell > Put Love To Work > Keep On Livin' Her > All Because Of You (12") > Overflowing > Night And Day > Melancholy Fire > Till You Gonna Lose It > Love On A Summernight (12") > Closer To The One You Love > Just Be My Lady > Don`t Stop My Love > Don't Ask My Neighbour > Just A Little Bit > I Believe In You > Much Too Much > Loveline > Come Together > I Will Be Your Star >Just In Time > Where Did You Get That Body Baby > Time To Think > Smile > Slipping Away > Take A Message > Paradise > Special > Show A Little Love > True Ecstasy > Understand > Midnight Lovers > Just A Little Bit > Love Is The Answer > Bring Your Sweet Lovin' Back > Time For Love > Nights Of Pleasure > Tender Love > Take Me Where You Want To > Dance To The Beat > I Can Take It > I'll Be There > Perfect Love Affair > Free And Easy > Life You Up > Let Me Be Yours > Tears > Tell Me > Show Me The Way > Share My Love > Starship (No Better Love) > The Morning After > Every Time We Touch > Why I Came To California > Feel My Eyes > Stone Love > Shout About It> When You Love Me Like This > Have You Ever Loved Somebody (Remix) > I Can't Stop This Feeling > Why Did You Turn Me On > Step In The Light > I Feel Like Going On > I Love Your Daughter

von carkiller08 - am 05.07.2005 15:18
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