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Honda X4 gearbox

Startbeitrag von Japie Muller am 07.01.2005 11:48

I would like to know if all Honda X4 have a loud gearbox when changing gears. My X4 make a loud "cluck" when I put it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. Is this normal? If not, can this be set?


Hi Japie,

this "cluck" is normal for the X4-gearbox.

But you can look for your chain and the correct chain-clamp. The reason for the "cluck" can also result of an uncorrect chain-clamp.

If you ever drive an BMW-Motorbike than you really know a loud "cluck" by changing the gear.

Sorry about my bad english, I hope you understand it.


von Joggl - am 07.01.2005 14:04
hi japie,

:D :cheers: :D welcome in this forum :D :cheers: :D

this "cluck" is total normal by a honda x4, with your gear
is all o.k.

is the large envelope the i send to you in your hand ????

greetings to south africa



von zippoman - am 07.01.2005 14:08
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