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Senderbau und HF Technik
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Startbeitrag von Roberto am 28.11.2008 14:48

This video it RDVV 8W-os FM speaks about a transmitter. Everything goes away from his display onto repeated starting after his programming. A shit.
You would know a solution to him, I ask you, already more of his months I suck with him. Neither screening, neither filtration did not help.


Please Help Me!


You must give us more information about your transmitter.
Was it built by your own or did you buy it completely assembled ?
How much experience do you have in building transmitters ?
What have you already done since it failed ?
Did you already measure all power voltages ?
5V for PIC - Controller ok ?
8V and 12V for RF stages ok ?
Would be good to post a foto of the PCB to see which version you have of the RDVV, especially which PIC controller is used.
Do you speak other languages beside english, because your english seems to be from a translation software, which is not so good and causes finally misunderstandings in a discussion here on the board.
I could imagine that your name Roberto is spanish or italian.
If you speak spanish i would prefer to go on writing in spanish to you.

As you can see there are many questions, but without answering all this, no chance for us to help you.


von broadcaster - am 28.11.2008 19:03
Hi! My name is Róbert! I am Hungarian and really a translator I use a program for it in order to make myself understood to you. I cannot write unfortunately in English,but a bundle I understand everything.
The transmitter own building, I prepared it. His big trouble it, that the PIC16F628A what I used till now to it, for something programmes himself after 20-30 startings.
PIC upload HEX: http://www.basefm01.extra.hu/news/hex/16f628a.hex
PCB here can be found:

The info, some 20-30 disappear after starting regularly from the display. Some wrong character (,+,a) writes into the program of the pic, the flash into a part. Everything turn off, the pic worked only. Then written after 20 startings an "+" character the pic into the RAM of flash,
PIC new Upload rdvv.hex: http://www.basefm01.extra.hu/news/hex/rdvv.hex (PIC16F84)
there is everything properly with this. The apparatus is going steadily.
What may have caused it, it ,that the PIC16F628A mikrocontrolling after a time programmed?

I never saw one like this, wrong one before this yet may have been the PIC16F628, you are the program developed to it?
I send a picture soon from the read pic.
Well thanks everything, I ask you, try to help.

By! Robi:)

von Roberto - am 02.12.2008 01:23
Hi there,
Hold the set button and power-up the transmitter, release the set button.
Problem should be solved.
Remember the MCLR\ of the pic-processor is directly connected to the +5VDC, this gives the error, this pin should connected at the +5V by means of a 33k-Ohm resistor. In some cases a BAT83 Schottky diode should also be mounted in series with this resistor.
It's best to modify the transmitter on the copperside of the pcb with these components.
Good luck.

von Harm - am 15.12.2008 15:58
Dear Harm

My sincere thanks to you for the 8 watt rdvv pll tx cct and its working in the internet

i assembled your 8 watt rdvv pll tx but the pll portion was NOT WORKING including
the 1x16 display. the hex programme you have given was correctly programmed
in the pic16f84a. in the cct only rf portion is working perfectly OK.

i will be highly obliged if you can send the CORRECT HEX CODE FOR 16F84A
Thanking you

von K S BALAKRISHNAN - am 04.07.2013 08:59
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