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CM Personality 40/120 Tournament Update (Kopie aus CCC J. Merlino) englisch

Startbeitrag von Christian Goralski am 02.08.2001 23:12

Each of the six personalities in my 40/120 tournament have now played 8 out of
the scheduled 20 games. Here are the current standings:

CM_Fun 6.0 (+5 =2 -1) -- Only loss is to CM_Kostick
CM_MG2 5.0 (+4 =2 -2)
Chessmaster 3.5 (+2 =3 -3)
CM_Utzinger 3.5 (+2 =3 -3)
CM_Kostick 3.0 (+2 =2 -4)
CM_Cohonas 3.0 (+2 =2 -4)

I seriously underestimated how long this tournament was going to take, as it has
already been going for about one week continuously. So, I expect it will not be
done until at least next Friday.

I'll give the next update when the tournament is half done at 10 games, with


p.s. I apologize to any personality creators who would have liked to have their
creations in this tournament. The point was to further test the MG2 personality,
which has clearly done the best in my PERSONAL tests so far. This is probably
not going to be the only tournament of this kind. So, if you feel you have a
creation that is worthy of inclusion, just let me know.


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