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8 New Book Reviews

Startbeitrag von Marountas John am 16.08.2002 15:13

Hello to all computer chess community !

Most of you are propably on vacation (lucky you ;-) ),
I had just returned from holidays and I start my
come back to the digital chess world with a little research
on newly and past computer related chess books.

I received a couple of emails , saying that I should also
review books on pure chess (apart from computer). I did
that and found 3 interesting books for begginers and
amateurs players.

I have also extended the comparison to 6 On-Line BookStores !
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Here is the list of the Books:
1.Chips Challenging Champions
by Jonathan Schaeffer (Editor), H. J. Van Den Herik,
Jaap Van Den Herik (Editor)
2.One Jump Ahead : Challenging Human Supremacy in Checkers
by Jonathan Schaeffer
3.Computers and Games
by T. Marsland (Editor), I. Frank (Editor)
4.The Book of Numbers
by John Horton Conway, Richard K. Guy
5.Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics
by Eric Lengyel
6.Chess: The Complete Self-Tutor (Algebraic Classics Series)
by Edward Lasker, John Nunn, Graham Burgess
7.The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess (2nd Edition)
by Patrick Wolff
8.My System: 21st Century Edition
by Aron Nimzowitsch, Lou Nimzowitsch, Lou Hays (Editor)

More on the Reccomended Books Section at :


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