Dean is great!!!

Startbeitrag von Brian Dreyer, Denmark am 21.10.2000 19:11

Geschrieben von Brian Dreyer, Denmark am 21. Oktober 2000 21:11:45:
Congratulations with the signing of Dean Seymour!!! He is the best and nicest hockeyplayer ever to play in my Danish favorite club, The Odense Bulldogs. I would really like to write together with a Herisau-fan (on English), and get news about him during the season. Hope to hear from you on my e-mail! You can also visit my website "Bulldog-Zone" about the Odense Bulldogs. I also have a section just about Dean! Take care, and good luck with the games! If anybody talk to Dean, please say hi from Brian in Denmark.



Geschrieben von Thomas am 22. Oktober 2000 12:16:03:
Als Antwort auf: Dean is great!!! geschrieben von Brian Dreyer, Denmark am 21. Oktober 2000 21:11:45:
Dean is really great and obviosely better than Vuoti. He's the key and the way to win. Score qualitities are in the nature of Canadiens!!
Dean go for Team Canada and Herisau!!

von Thomas - am 22.10.2000 10:16
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