Startbeitrag von Gothique am 23.10.2000 19:48

Geschrieben von Gothique am 23. Oktober 2000 21:48:36:
I went to your site a few days ago because Arto played in my club for 2 years. As far as I can understand German, he does not seem to be a star in HERISAU.

Yet it seems that you have a new player (Dean SEYMOUR) and Arto and Dean apparently made a good job last game... even though it was a defeat( once again).

The problem for a great player(for Arto is great) is when you get in a bad team(( for actually HERISAU is a bad team) you can not play at your real value because you are alone.

In a short time Arto will show you all what he is able to do and you will be ashamed of all your rubbish messages in your forum.

Shame on you !


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