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Eddelak - Ortsansichten
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Cathy Humphreys, Ingo Flindt


Startbeitrag von Cathy Humphreys am 28.12.2000 14:26

Geschrieben von Cathy Humphreys am 28. Dezember 2000 15:26:02:
I have many generations of ancestors from the Eddelak area and was wondering if a Chronik has been written. If so, I would like to buy one and would need to know who to contact. I visited Eddelak in November, 2000 and had a wonderful time with my newly found German relatives. I hope to come back again next year.


Geschrieben von Ingo Flindt am 28. Dezember 2000 22:28:06:
Als Antwort auf: Chronik geschrieben von Cathy Humphreys am 28. Dezember 2000 15:26:02:
Dear Cathy
There is a fine chronik about Eddelak. It has 295 sides, many pictures, stories about clans, houses, history and was written in 1994, but it's written in german :-)
Normaly you can purchase it direct at our burgomaster (mayor). For a time, they sold it at our savings bank (Sparkasse Eddelak) too. The price is between 40 and 50 DM ($20-$25). I have no idea, what are the costs of shipping to the United States, maybe it could be better to buy it next time you are in Eddelak. If you don't want to wait, email me and I will mail the postal address of our mayor to you.
Best regards


von Ingo Flindt - am 28.12.2000 21:28
Geschrieben von Cathy Humphreys am 29. Dezember 2000 03:22:37:
Als Antwort auf: Re: Chronik geschrieben von Ingo Flindt am 28. Dezember 2000 22:28:06:
Hello Ingo,
I have a cousin in Kuden, I'll ask her to buy the book for me.

Thanks for your help.


von Cathy Humphreys - am 29.12.2000 02:22
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