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Greetings from California, USA

Startbeitrag von Rodney am 21.06.2001 07:41

Can I post English messages here?

I hope someone can read English. I have a 1980 VW PU. If you are interested in seeing an Original VW PU, very first year here it is:


I am interested in some of the things your doing in europe, and I am testing to see if there is interest in conversing.



nice car, rodney!

In what kind of things are you interested in?

ciao caddy

von caddy - am 21.06.2001 17:17
I would really like to lower the rear of my Caddy. I know of several in the US but I am not convinced that this is the best way. How do you do it?

Other thing is the rear disc brakes, what hand brake cables do you europeans use when you convert to rear disc brakes?

von Rodney - am 22.06.2001 02:09
to lower your rear:

do you have 2 or 4 springs? if you have 4: there is the possibility to drive without the 2 smallest.

other way: fix your axle over the springs. this will lower your rear 120 mm. ask for pics here in this forum.

other way: cold forming of springs. Not really good, but possible. check for example: www.bullock-style.de

disc breaks rear:

selfmade cables.

ciao caddy

von caddy - am 22.06.2001 23:18
Hello Rodney and Caddy,
That is a good info Caddy gave you Rodney. But now a question to you, why dont you just hook the bad boy up with airbags, or hydraulics??????????? If we germans would be able to purchase hydros or airbags, for the regular price, as they would kost in the states, we would be overout happy!!!

von Rainer - am 24.07.2001 23:21
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