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Bev schwanger????

Startbeitrag von Bine am 26.02.2001 14:01

Geschrieben von Bine am 26. Februar 2001 15:01:09:
Hallo, ich habe bisher noch nichts auf ihrer Homepage über ihre "Schwangerschaft" gelesen!!! Wo hast du das her?

Ihre Homepage :

6:00AM Depending on my day's work, I could wake up anywhere from 4:30 to 9:00AM for work. Generally, I wake up at 5:30AM. I take a shower, blow dry my hair, grab breakfast, and am out the door by 6:00AM to get to work by 7:00AM.
7:00AM I arrive at work. I run and drop off my stuff in my trailer and run over to the craft service to get breakfast (it is sooo good). Then I am rushed into hair and makeup to prepare for the day's work.
8:00AM If it is Tuesday or Thursday I will take my two college classes until 11:00. After class I will run to work. But on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, usually I would be rehearsing the first scene I am in.
9:00AM Hopefully by now the set would be lit and rehearsals would be over so we could begin filming.
10:00AM Most likely we would still be filming the same scene. I have a few breaks here and there but most of the time is spent waiting on set and filming the scene.
11:00AM If we are lucky, we will have moved on to the next scene, so by now we would rehearse the next scene and wait for it to be lit. While they are lighting I would take that opportunity to do my homework and study for school.
12:00noon We would begin filming the second scene. Again we would sit around and wait to work on the set.
1:00PM LUNCH! Yeah! I love lunch and by this time I am starving. I dish up and eat quick. That way I have time to take a nap. I only have a half an hour for lunch and by 1:30 I must be in makeup and hair for a touch-up so I am camera ready.
2:00PM We are back to work and moving on with the day's work. Rehearse, wait, film, wait. That is the usual routine.
3:00PM Again, either filming or rehearsing for the next one. Every little break I get, I utilize to do my homework and study so I can rest at night when I get home.
4:00PM More filming.
5:00PM Even more filming.
6:00PM Slowly my day is hopefully coming to an end. But still more filming.
7:00PM If I am extremely lucky I get to go home. Sometimes we work until 11:00PM to 1:00AM at night. Hopefully I am on my way home.
8:00PM I arrive home at my dorm. Grab something to eat and discuss the day with my roommate. If it is Monday I would watch my favorite show. The rest of the week I will do homework and watch some TV.


This 18-year-old actress is one of the stars of the highly successful WB program, "7th Heaven." Beverley has played Lucy Camden since 1996. She has also done tons of TV, movies, and commercials.
BIRTHDAY: January 22, 1981

BIRTHPLACE: Arcadia, California

STAR SIGN: Aquarius

HEIGHT: 5' 2"


HAIR: blond

FAMILY: Sharon(Mom), David(Dad)

PETS: 2 dogs: Trixie & Dakota; and 2 cats: Casper & Tigger

BEST FRIENDS: Allison and Jainey

BOYFRIEND: Right now, Beverley is single!

FAVORITE MUSIC: Sublime, 'N SYNC, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, Blink 182

CAR: Chevy Tahoe

SCHOOL: Beverley is a freshman in college

LIVES: in Ventura, California

FIRST ACTING JOB: AT&T commercial when she was 4 years old

HOBBIES: being with her friends, singing, and shopping

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: working with Bill Bixby, being on the cover of "TV Guide," being in "People" magazine, and of course landing the role of Lucy Camden on "7th Heaven!"

PROFESSIONAL ROLE MODELS: Ron Howard and Jodie Foster

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Diagnosis Murder

FAVORITE FOODS: lobster, angel food cake with strawberries and Cool-Whip

CHARITIES: RADD Kids, Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs

COLLECTS: Dreamsicles angels (she has over 45!)

7th Heaven Lucy Camden 1996-present

The Faculty Leslie 1995

Baywatch Melissa 1995

Melrose Place Katie Conners 1994

Phenom Clara 1993-1994

Quantum Leap Becky Pruit 1992


White Dwarf (Fox Movie Pilot) XuXu 1995

Mother of the Bride Jersey 1992

Sinatra Little Nancy 1992

Children of the Bride Jersey 1992

Big Brother Jake Cassie 1991

Baby of the Bride Jersey 1991


The Crow: City of Angels Grace 1994

Killing Obsession Annie 1996

Beverley has also done over 50 commercials, including ones for Oscar Mayer, Mattel, and Cream of Wheat

You can write Beverley at:
Beverley Mitchell

7th Heaven

c/o Warner Bros.

4000 Warner Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91522


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